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And so it begins

I used to have a really great girlfriend, now I take mood pills. Somebody get a pinata because this party is just getting started! Have you ever felt the need to read 100 books in one year just to give yourself a moderate sense of accomplishment? Holy shit, me too! I better start listing some … Continue reading



Fancy vinyl-looking book cover.


It’s kinda funny that I’m writing this and hoping that no other set of eyes ever reads it. Even funnier is the fact that I am not writing this for myself. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t the faintest idea why I’m writing this. I’ve received some success (if you want to call it that) … Continue reading

Hello world!

This is the first official post on a blog that doesn’t really reflect any of my personality or ideas. It seems that the trend in blogging is to do the opposite. I, however, have always been eager to go against the grain. This instance is no exception. I have recently been informed of a job … Continue reading